Updated on the 25-05-2018


Recruitment policy

Autonomy and the freedom to use initiative are at the heart of our business strategy.
Close at hand, reactive, operational- we provide our customers with high performance products that are of high quality, optimised by faultless customer service.

Customer satisfaction is essential in order to achieve growth and profitability in our company. A decentralised and cross-functional organisation supports this policy.

Whatever the function, you can forge an utstanding experience in France and abroad.

When you start at MGI COUTIER, an induction into our methods and products will soon set you on your way.

Our target : men and women who are keen to embark on a varied journey.


The MGI COUTIER Group seeks specialists and generalists able to evolve beyond their area of speciality. Prospective candidates are invited to meet the human resources manager and one or more hierarchical managers of the relevant Function.

An international career

With a widely open international structure, after a few years of experience with us in your chosen role we will be in a position to offer you the opportunity to work abroad. Knowledge of at least one foreign language is essential.

Employment, International Internship Programme, and Internships

The development of the MGI COUTIER Group, in France and abroad, drives us to welcome young, qualified people by favouring their professional integration whilst leaning on their innovative competencies.