Updated on the 25-05-2018

Product Lines

Fluid Management

Storage, Treatment and Diffusion of Fluids

Air intake
Manifolds, turbo inlet ducts, turbo outlet ducts, intercooler ...
RéManifolds Coolant Coolant
Hoses, connectors, degas bottles, thermostat housing ...
Low-pressure diesel engine common rail, pipes for tank, under the body shell and engine bay, fuel fill hoses...
Fuel lines DPF Additives
Tanks, dosing pumps, protective casings for additive (DPF) or Selective Catalytic Reduction systems
Oil vapours
Cam covers, Blow-by heating connectors and pipes ...
Cam cover Windscreen fluid tank Windscreen fluid
Tanks, pumps, jets, telescopic jets, rapid connectors and pipes ...
Temperature regulation
Ventilation of battery compartment, cooling systems ...
Cold box Control hoses Air vacuum
By-pass EGR actuator tubes, Turbo, clapets, ABS, exhaust air injection ... .