Updated on the 25-05-2018

Product Lines


The reduction of polluting emissions: CO2 / Particles / NOx

MGI COUTIER offers innovative concepts and solutions that aim to provide our car manufacturer customers with answers to environmental concerns. Such innovation and development amongst our product lines includes :

  • the prevention and treatment of polluting emissions by developing systems like the additive system to filter particles, urea dosage, and the separation and the reprocessing of oil vapours.
  • the production of lighter weight parts which contribute towards an overall improvement in the vehicle’s performance.
  • putting into practice solutions that are compatible with bio fuels or that meet the needs of hybrid and electric vehicles.

    Eco-conception & recycling products

    The environmental strategy of the Group ensures that environmental considerations are taken into account and integrated from the very first stage of product conception in order to identify different materials and solutions that offer potential advantages for use in future development, including :
  • bio-polymers (plastic materials that stem from vegetable based sources),
  • materials resulting from ’chemical’ recycling (polymer compounds taken from regrind material),
  • materials resulting from ’mechanical’ recycling (re-use of materials descended from reground parts).

  • Manufacturing that is respectful to the environment

    All Group sites have ISO 14001 certification and apply these management standards. The reduction of energy consumption, scrappage, and waste are all key objectives at each of our sites.

    On the other hand, our strategy of localised production helps us to reduce ’the globality of our products’ by decreasing transport and logistic operations contributing to pollution.

    01-15-2013 : Bilan MGI COUTIER des émissions de gaz dits "à effet de serre" - Janvier 2013 (961Ko) French document