Updated on the 25-05-2018

Legal terms

Intellectual and/ or Industrial Property Rights

MGI COUTIER advises users of this site that many elements forming the content of this site :
  • are protected by Copyright Law: in particular, this can be applied to photographs, articles, illustrations, animations, (this list not being exhaustive) ;
  • and/ or are protected by legislation pertaining to illustrations and models ;
  • are protected by brand legislation, or patents where this is the case ;
  • that this site may contain any other rights, material or immaterial, protected or not by intellectual and/ or industrial property rights.
  • Accordingly, the elements protected are the property of MGI COUTIER or the third parties who have authorised MGI COUTIER to use them.

    Copyright – brands

    MGI COUTIER remains the exclusive proprietor of all MGIC and MGI COUTIER brands and logos, in the sense of Articles L711 – 1 onwards of the Intellectual Property Code. Consequently, any reproduction of MGI COUTIER brands and logos without authorisation is strictly forbidden (in accordance with the provisions of the articles L713-2, L713-3, L713-4 and onwards of the Intellectual Property Code). Notably, according to the article L 716-6 of the Intellectual Property Code, 3 years imprisonment and a fine of 300 000 euros may be imposed on anyone who: has in their possession, imports or exports in any area under customs control, goods presented under a counterfeit name;
  • de détenir sans motif légitime, d'importer sous tous régimes douaniers ou d'exporter des marchandises présentées sous une marque contrefaite ;
  • supplies to the market or sells goods which are presented under a counterfeit name;
  • reproduces, imitates, uses, affixes, removes, or modifies a brand, in violation of rights conferred by its registration and the prohibitions which result from this;
  • to knowingly deliver a product or provide a service other than that which is required under a registered trademark
  • Copyright and/ or Copyright relating to Illustrations and Models

    MGI COUTIER managed the conception and development of this site. MGI COUTIER is the owner of the configuration of its site. Photographs, text, slogans, illustrations, animations (with or without sound), along with all of the content integrated into the sight remain the property of MGI COUTIER or those third parties who have granted authorisation to MGI COUTIER to use them. Accordingly, any reproduction, representation, usage, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, commercialisation, partial or complete, by any means or process (paper, digital, other…) is strictly forbidden without prior written authorisation from MGI COUTIER, save for exceptions aimed at Article L122.5 of the Intellectual Property Code, for fear of commiting forgery of copyright law (including brand, model, drawing) punishable by 2 years imprisonement and a €150 000 fine.

    Products and Services

    The information and illustrations contained in the pages of this Internet site are based on the technical specifications correct at the time the page was uploaded to or updated on the site. In the context of a policy of continual improvement of products and services, MGI COUTIER reserves the right to modify any product specification at any time. The products and/ or services presented on this site are those distributed in France. They may differ from one country to another and may not be available in all countries. In any case, the information contained on this site is of a general nature and has no contractural value. This is due to the specificity of our industrial activity.

    Protection of personal information

    It is possible to visit our site, www.mgicoutier.fr, without having to reveal your identity or any other information of a personal nature to you.
    MGI COUTIER is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting the information you communicate to us. Above all, the personal information collected on the site www.mgicoutier.fr is intended for use by the MGI COUTIER Company and its subsidiaries. This information is confidential and is treated as such.
    Concerning the information that you choose to provide to us, you have the right to access this and amend it in accordance with the French Law no. 78-17 of 6th January 1978 relating to Data Protection and Freedom. You may exercise this right with MGI COUTIER as follows: 975, route des burgondes 01410 CHAMPFROMIER – Information Systems Management: (+33) 04 50 56 98 98.
    The collection of this information is required in order to reply to your commercial or personal proposals and, if necessary, communicate to you electronically.
    We would like to bring to your attention that in order to be able to offer more tailored products and services, some non-personal information relating to your activity on site is automatically collected.
    This information is intended for use by MGI COUTIER and may equally be used for the purposes of commercial operations, marketing, HR, or for analysis.
    This information will not be communicated to third parties under any circumstances. Only the personnel of MGI COUTIER, including those at production sites, divisions and subsidiaries, and our service providers (subject to strict confidentiality), have access to this data. These individuals must uphold this protection of privacy and only use this information for the purposes outlined and already agreed.


    We take all necessary precautions in order to protect the integrity of data, its confidentiality, and prevent any communication to unauthorised third parties.


    The setting up of hyperlinks to the site www.mgicoutier.fr does not require prior written authorisation from MGI COUTIER. However, MGI COUTIER must be informed within a limit of 10 days maximum after the link has been set up.

    Applicable Law

    The Internet site www.mgicoutier.fr and the present terms and conditions present are subject to the French law and are written in French. In any dispute, exclusive jurisdiction is given to the tribunal of Bourg-en-Bresse. MGI COUTIER reserves the right to modify the present terms at any time. You are therefore advised to regularly check them.

    Limit of Liability

    You visit the site at your own risk and of your own free will. MGI COUTIER will not be held liable for any damages, whether direct or indirect, such as loss of information or programs, or financial and material loss, resulting from access to or use of this site or any site linked to it


    MGI COUTIER reserves the right to modify and update the present legal terms, the products presented on this site and any other content, without notice. You should therefore refer to these pages regularly in order to check the Terms and Conditions.

    Use of ‘Cookies’

    We use the information provided when you visit our site for our analysis (type of user, number of visitors, pages looked at…) in order to optimise our site, in terms of navigation and pages, but this information is not given to third parties. In particular, we use the technology of cookies. A cookie does not enable us to identify you personally, and is only created for use by MGI COUTIER.

    Reproduction in paper form

    With the exception of iconography, brands, models, and all intellectual property rights, the reproduction of pages on this site in paper form is authorised, on condition that the following three criteria are observed:
  • it is diffused for free,
  • no modification or changes are to be made to the original document to be reproduced
  • you must give reference to www.mgicoutier.fr as the source and state that reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited.
  • Reproduction in electronic form

    The reproduction in electronic format of all or part of this site, with the exception of brands, models, and all other material owned by MGI COUTIER protected by intellectual property rights, is authorised subject to the clear addition of the information source (http://www.mgicoutier.fr) and the statement “All rights reserved”. The information is for personal use only: any use for professional and/ or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

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