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Message from the President of the Board

Extract from the 2016 Annual Report

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 2016, MGI COUTIER Group pursued its business project built around an aspiration to become a first-tier equipment supplier, independent and supporting the manufacturers to render the future vehicles more reliable, more environmentally friendly and more competitive.

The balance-sheet of the year shows a very positive result thanks to the commitment of all MGI COUTIER’s teams, and driven by a favorable environment and situation.

As far the profits, the turnover and the profitability increased. The France perimeter becomes more profitable; the least performing Plants improved their profits in the aim to reduce the disparities between the units. The activities pertaining to "SCR tanks" are not loss-making activities but they did not contribute to the Group’s profitability. The level of orders as well as the amount of tooling invoiced were good and enabled us to clarify the growth of future activity.

The Group’s new organization was implemented without affecting the profitability or the operational performance. Pondering on enabling the Group to face the future challenges of the automotive industry, the new organization made it possible to reach a new stage in the integration of entities secured over the last few years (AVON AUTOMOTIVE, AUTOTUBE AB and DEPLANCHE FABRICATION).

The deployment at the international scale is further developed. There are three new plants devoted to the fluids’ Management which launched their activities: Juarez in Mexico, El Jadida in Morocco and Chongqing in China. Four new projects have already been launched: two new plants are being built in Ixtac in Mexico and Wuhan in China and we plan to break into Bulgaria and Thailand.

The deployment of a common ERP in all the Group’s sites (new and old) continues. At the end of 2016, more than 50% of plants were deployed with a focus on developing 100% of sites at the end of 2019 and a management of standardized and centralized data to ensure the Group’s responsiveness and productivity service.

There has also been much discussion about the industrial performance in 2016 with the continuation of the project "Plant of the Future" and its major basis: the standardization, the robotization and the camera control system. Far from "the Plant 4.0", autonomous, entirely automated and connected, in which the image is in vogue, the Plant of the Future is focalized on a manner of industrializing 2S2D (Simple, Solid, Dependable and Do-able) to improve our parts’ quality, improve the ergonimics of the work station and boost our competitiveness.

We continued our efforts to meet our Customers’ expectations and boost the products’ Quality performance.

If the good dynamics of markets and our customers are reinforced, we should be able to exceed EUR 1 billion of turnover by 2017, that is to say one year ahead of our preceding estimates.

Matthieu COUTIER
President of the Executive Board

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