Updated on the 25-05-2018


Procurement policy

Given the total volume of purchases in our field of activity, the procurement policy of the MGI COUTIER Group has a fundamental bearing on our results. We have therefore developed a target panel of reliable international suppliers, who fulfil a range of demands :


  • Certification by a recognised authority or standard, preferably ISO TS 16949
  • Zero defect in paicular properties
  • Respectful of commitments towards meeting set objectives
  • Conformity in initial samples first time round
  • Costs

  • Always seeking justification
  • Adhesion to productivity plan
  • Transparency of costs
  • Lead-time

  • 100% service rate in logistics (in lead time and quantity)
  • Respect planning
  • Environment

  • Respect the environment, controls in force as a minimum
  • Willing approach towards eco-conception
  • Continous improvement

  • Performance review conducted by the suppliers themselves
  • Performance reviews
  • Ability to implement progress plans in anticipation of our needs
  • Innovation

  • Propose technological advances in products and processes